Boeing 727-200

Boeing 727-200 family for AI Traffic (AIA Models). This is a P3Dv4.5/5.2 conversion of David Rawlins’ entire 727 family of models for AI traffic, with past permission kindly given by David Rawlins. This package contains the original AIA FS8/FS9 models plus the FSX-ugraded Hush Kits and Super 27s. Additionally I have added modeled logolights, so the variations nearly doubled. A total of 17 models and 131 paints are included in the package. The standard original versions of these models should be compatible with all prior paints available in the usual places. Original aircraft by David Rawlins and AI Aardvark, MCX and RADiator utilites by Arno Gerretsen, P3Dv4/5 conversion and by Michael Pearson, all release repaints by AI Aardvark, Chris Gorodetsky, and Michael Pearson.