Models available for download are either original MPAI models (with some collaborations) or past FS9 models which are converted by me to 64-bit standard, for use in P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5.2. Only models whose original designer(s) have consented, either by direct contact to me or through a proxy (such as an interpreter or group representative), will be hosted here. If it’s not here, it’s because either I haven’t converted it yet or have not received permission to do so for public release. Like most of the contributors in the hobby, don’t ask me about my private collection of work that I can’t publicly release, and I won’t lie to you, lol.

My general disclaimer on converted models is that a lot of them are “as-is” from the original design. I have tweaked a few here and there with advanced animations, but generally the premise is to just get them visible and functional in the 64-bit environment. What they all do have in common is PBR (physical-based rendering) textures and hard-coded lights and other effects (directly coded into the model). Most have metallic mapping to enhance dynamic lighting effects. Additionally, all night lighting is script-driven rather than by the AI engine of the sim.

Other than legacy models which may be available on this website in the future, I am not doing any new or converted models for FS9-through-P3Dv3, and I am not doing any projects for MSFS (2020) at this time.