Please feel free to contact me regarding feedback on repaints and models. I keep my own schedule of projects, so I am not always receptive to requests, but you may always ask. The harshest answer I will give you is a “sorry, can’t,” and I may surprise you and do the request. I do not do fantasy paint work on request, because it’s hard enough getting into my own head if I occasionally do a fantasy paint, let alone try to coordinate inspiration with somebody else on something that didn’t exist in the real world. I have had some frustrating past experience with this with more than one person.

There will noticable gaps in some of the fleet work, because some paints are already out there from other very talented artists. I will eventually have a list of links to other places where you can find huge collections of other retro repaints and tons of flightplans spanning the late 1940s to the early 2000s when mainstream AI traffic took hold in the hobby, and there are plenty of resources for that on AVSIM and Flightsim.

Don’t bug me on Facebook, I do have a page, but I don’t live/die by it and just keeping track of two email accounts, half a dozen forums, and one website is enough tech for my addled, retired, reptilian brain to handle. With regard to tech, I still say that my iPhone is the world’s best Sony Walkman……